Matrix debunked or Why Neo was an idiot

Pavel Morava
2 min readFeb 11, 2022


People do desire change. No rational being can conclude otherwise that life is a meaningless journey, intended to lead nowhere from the cradle to the grave.

Still, since we are not as rational as we love to believe, we became masters in finding artificial excuses for our futile existences.

One of these excuses, called beliefs or morality or philosophy, looks for the happiness in freedom of making our own choices.

Despite the sad truth that our choices are not always the best course of action (children learn this in kindergarten), certain people feel obliged to pursue freedom. They are under the impression that only free creatures are happy and meaningful.

Such a notion is nonsense. For the impartial Mother Nature, we are only products of evolution, and she doesn’t care what we do with our dedicated times, nor does she push on us some great expectations.

As for happiness, we can achieve satisfaction by abusing chemical substances. Yet, such kind of happiness seems too straightforward to be true.

Instead of embracing the simple fact that there is no absolute fulfillment (since our living is pointless), we believe in the almighty change.

The change is always good because we do not like the current state of affairs. Revolutions were started on this premise, and Matrix is a mere example of how people misjudge their petty presence.

To put it simply, the protagonist of Matrix wanted to change his life, and in the process, he took down the whole society with himself, without proper analysis of whether the change is desired or not.

If anything, the movie should be a grave warning for those who cannot think at least several decades ahead. The change itself is not a plan, no matter how noble it may sound.

From this perspective, the hailed Neo was an obnoxious and irresponsible idiot.

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